👉 Execute: Opportunities Prioritization Matrix (Digital)

Opportunities Prioritization Matrix Below is a digital version of the Opportunities Prioritization Matrix included in the article and embedded to the right.

Setting up the matrix • Determine axes: You can set your matrix up two ways: (i) include the two most important categories from your Job Search Criteria Matrix on either axes or (ii) consider all the criteria as "fit" against the difficulty (e.g. application length, time intensity of preparing and completing the interview process, etc.)

Note In short, you want to avoid opportunities that are a low match to your selected criteria as they are distractions and channel your energy towards opportunities that align closely with your wants and needs; you want to invest the most amount of time in high fit jobs with rigorous interview processes over those with less rigorous interview processes.

You can read more about the Eisenhower Matrix framework here.



Priority matrix

👉 Priority Matrix





Recording job opportunities

👉 Job Opportunities and Segmentations

<aside> 📢 How to use: Enter all job opportunities into the All Opportunities table, the remaining tables are filtered views of the All Opportunities table. All job opportunities with outstanding applications will appear in the Outstanding Opportunities table. Once a job opportunity is marked "applied," it will appear in the Submitted Applications table. The tier tables segment job opportunities based on how you have prioritized them above. The Industry Key table is a reference to allocate all job opportunities to a particular industry.